Buying Tips

Looking at purchasing your dream home??  Here is a few tips that can help guide you in the right direction..


What is your budget?

  • Speak with your local banker or mortgage broker to determine how much you can comfortably borrow, this will help guide what priced properties you will view.


What are you looking for in a home?

  • Prepare a list; include areas that suit your lifestyle, accommodation requirements and other items the house must offer for you to consider it, keeping in mind your budget.  Remember there may have to be compromise as not all requirements may fit into your budget.


What is currently on the market? What has sold recently?

  • When purchasing property you need to do your research, this will help you make an informed decision regarding properties and price.  What is currently for sale that meets your criteria? Has anything sold that was suitable?-if so what price did it sell for?
  • Look through open homes see what they offer and what price they are asking, compare.


You have fallen in love with a property, what next?

  • It is always a good idea to have selected a solicitor/conveyancer who will guide you through the sale process all the way to settlement, prior to making an offer.  They can advise in regards to building/pest inspections and also your rights and responsibilities when entering into a contract of sale.


Putting forward an offer…..

  • Put forward your offer in writing, include all terms and conditions i.e is it subject to pest/building inspections or finance? What period is required for settlement?  Are you paying the full 10% deposit?
  •  Once negotiations have been finalised you will be required to sign the contract of sale and pay a 10% deposit.


For further information please contact the Insite Team or speak with your legal representative.